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There's no place like Rome: 3,000 years of history, art and architecture surround you: Imperial, Classical, Renaissance, Baroque, Modern. Eternally fascinating... always and forever.  Only in Rome you find the combination of art, history, joyful life, friendly and hospitable people.  And  - yes -  the "Dolce Vita" (Sweet life), i.e. the magic, romantic atmosphere, the fine weather and - of course! - the Italian cuisine.

Even before Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck starred in the Oscar winning classic Roman Holiday, Rome was a world-acclaimed place in the heart of sentimental romantics, as shown by the evidence that more people make a return visit to Rome to get married than in any other city. Yet beyond Rome's romantic flavour, Rome's spell will keep you coming back for more... like the loss of a loved memory.


If you want to visit Rome, and you are looking for any of these topics:

        Rome apartment and villa rentals

        Rome surroundings and Umbria villa rentals

It also includes tips, a Rome city guide with presentation of the sights and a detailed (zoomable!) town map.



We assist Rome's visitors before their arrival, and during their stay with tourist assistance.  Airport door to door service (car service), daily excursions, baby sitting and general assistance are available.
Experience the quality of our apartment rentals, of our site and of our service! Write to us!

Our sites includes detailed descriptions with hundreds photos of the apartments and of their locations. It also includes info, tips, a city guide with presentation of the sights and a Rome centre map.
Our prices are all inclusive. We supply free online accurate information to those planning a visit to Rome, write to us! Airport door to door service and general assistance are available.


Enjoy Rome with our carefree apartment rentals. We have among the nicest apartments in Rome with convenient prices. The flats are available for vacation rentals or also longer stays. The quality of our apartments is renowned.

As alternative to hotels, save 50% and have more quality, space, character... and a kitchen!


Rome holiday rentals apartments


Does it work?

      Being skeptical is at times healthy in the internet today. However, with our apartment rentals we believe you can put your mind at ease.

  • Apartments are presented with many photos, from any angle. Detailed descriptions are given.  This, together with the care we take in choosing the apartments makes our customers find nicer apartments than they had expected.

  • The location of the apartments is also presented in a detailed way, with many photos too.

  • Every step is documented.  Clear and detailed rental contracts are given during the booking procedure.


  • Direct booking. Agencies abroad generally cooperate with organizing local agencies. With us instead, you will be dealing directly with the ones organizing your rental. Not only you can book directly, but you can enquire at any stage about your apartment rental.

  • Simple booking procedureThe procedure is simple and economic.

  • Clear instructions about how to reach the apartments at check-in from airports, train stations, or just anywhere in Rome both by taxi, public transportation or your car.

  • Airport door-to-door car service to the apartments is available for those requiring it. You will pay only the car service company, and there is only a small difference with regular taxi service. You can choose between regular cars, limousines or vans (if you are 4 persons or more, or if you have a lot of luggage).

  • All inclusive prices. They include cleaning fees, utility consumption (electricity and gas), paperwork.

  • General assistance will be given during your stay.

  • Additional services as extra-cleaning, baby sitter, etc. are available. We also provide a free telephone tourist information with a dedicated agent, who will reply to your questions.

  • Check-in and check-out are performed on timeA car service is available also for very early check-outs.

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